Self Compassion for a pregnancy announcement by Alice Rose

Self Compassion for a pregnancy announcement

When we hear yet another pregnancy announcement... can cause a physical, instant, painful reaction which feels impossible to process. If the announcement comes face to face and unexpectedly this can cause even more heartache and that sinking feeling in your stomach. When I was asking my community what it felt like for them, the words painted such a visceral and heartbreaking picture: 'time stands still; sound goes like I'm about to faint; like I've been punched in the throat"
We are expected to be able to cover this up immediately of course which is incredibly challenging; all this to then have to deal with huge guilt for feeling anything other than joy for someone else’s happy news.

I used to feel like this.

Over time and by understanding how to identify my thoughts; I learnt how to process them in a really healthy way which meant that eventually, announcements became far easier to hear and I stopped being so fearful of the trigger. This isn't about plastering over difficult feelings, but rather giving yourself the gentle self compassion we must cultivate as much as possible while we go through a fertility journey.

This self compassion meditation will...

...gently help you to 

  • identify your feelings 
  • witness your thoughts and become calmer
  • gently kickstart your ability to forgive, nurture and fill yourself with compassion

What you’ve been through is incredibly hard. Give yourself this time to wrap yourself in comfort. You can download this and save it for whenever you need it. As soon as you hear a pregnancy announcement, just remember this meditation and listen to it again and again, as many times as you need.

You'll hear about 5 minutes of guided meditation with music followed by a further 4 minutes of piano meditation music.

The worksheet will help elevate this self development time for yourself by beginning to dismantle the trigger so easily set off with announcements and help you to identify and release your more difficult feelings and discover how to feel more free and relaxed.

Take care,

Alice x

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Self Compassion Meditation - Alice Rose
9 mins
Self Compassion Worksheet
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